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I am a list maker, it keeps me organized and anyone that knows me would not be surprised to learn I keep several in the back of my journal. This is what I call my creative/busy list, things to do and work on when I'm either bored (which is always) or lacking some inspiration. I also find it helpful to go over it once in a while to remind myself of those projects I started on but haven't yet completed; sometimes I'll pick one back up or it will spawn a whole new idea (I've even taken it to the Dollar Tree with me just in case I see something useful). I'm sharing this with you for the same reason, in the hopes it might inspire you. After all, a busy artist is a happy artist.

  • Complete Starburst Mirror (idea inspired by the tutorial here).
  • Decorate knobs on cabinetry with nail polish
  • Design clear Christmas ornaments (There are a lot of tutorials for this one but the one I refer to  is here because she tried this on both plastic and glass Christmas ornaments). Dollar Tree sells the plastic variety around the holidays as does Walmart.
  • Re-glitter Christmas ornaments (my own project).
  • Glitter/decorate dragonflies and butterflies bought from Walmart.
  • Make dragonflies (not attempted but here are a few ideas from Pinterest, pictures only: A, B, C).
  • Fix and make nail polish jewelry. 
  • Work on flower rhinestone jewelry. 
  • Work on new Christmas garland wreathe (with faux pine and $1 styrofoam wreathe form).
  • Glitter/design candles- requires glitter and Mod Podge (will provide photo later)
  • Decorate vases with glitter and rhinestones- same concept as glittering the Christmas ornaments.
  • Work on faux stained glass mirror. (I've pulled ideas from here, here and here). Required supplies depends on method.
  • Create new digital space picture (graphics software and time).
  • Fix kitchen chandelier (see first entry).
  • Work on duochrome earrings. I have too many already but I still make more studs- ball earrings are small but tasteful. (requires duochrome nail polish and earrings of your choice).
  • Glue rhinestones to Mother-of-Pearl discs for use in jewelry pieces later.
  • Do something creative with all those wallpaper sample books.
  • Make more wall decals- perhaps more cat quotes or abstract design.
  • Create design to make decals for the kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Create more glassware using Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. (Idea borrowed from here).
  • Decorate wooden knobs on the closet door- rhinestones, paint, nail polish?
  • Make chandelier for the hallway fixture.
  • Make colored glass using Dollar Tree glassware, food coloring and Mod Podge. (There are many, many tutorials for this but here are a few of my favorites- A, B, C)
  • Make apothecary jars with glassware from the Dollar Tree. (Two examples, found here and here).

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