Saturday, July 30, 2016

Colored Pencil Series coming

I'm a neglectful blog owner. Despite that there is very little to this blog as of yet, I have a whole bunch of stuff planned to post, its simply a matter of photography and writing. I have many hobbies but singular focus so when I pick one up, the others tend to be ignored. Already this year I've cycled through drawing, nail polish making, chandelier building, Mod Podge glass coloring, back to nail polish and blogging, on to glittering dragonflies, wind spinners and starburst mirror crafting... At this very moment my hobby is adult coloring books which is what got me started buying colored pencils again.

I am an abstract artist so I find those sort of designs in books boring and that is what the majority of them are- abstract, paisley, florals (after all, why color what I can draw myself?) but then I found a cat themed adult coloring book, Mystical Cats, at my local Kroger's. I've acquired a few more books since then (all done by Creative Haven) and a crap load of new colored pencils which brings me around to the point of this entry. As I get them written, I'll be posting a little opinion/review of color pencil brands along with color charts where applicable. Some of the brands I am pleased with, others not so much and I'd wish I hadn't bought them, but for the fact my son was pleased with his new "gifts". I hope you'll join me for this series and find it both informative and money saving!